Product 1 High-Speed Laser Engraver

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Product 1 High-Speed Laser Engraver

JINCHANG Laser Engraver System is designed especially for label printing, wall paper, textile printing industry. JINCHANG Len can easily fit in the existing working process of textile printing factory. It’s can engrave the image on the coated and dried screen material by its single step dry technology and process of file informatization. JINCHANG Len has characteristics of simple work process and short engraving time. It reappears the reduction of file information perfectly, and avoids defect of flying-spot or depth caused by film or washing. Thus it achieves a high-quality and cost-benefit engraving technological process.

Technical Specifications

Laser: CO² single

Repeat: 640mm Standard(it can be customized according to requirements)

Screen Length: 1200mm-2200mm

Effective size: 1000mm-2000mm


Line width:≥80µm

Machine size:4250*1150*1370(mm)