Product 2 High-Pressure Waterjet Machine

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Product 2 High-Pressure Waterjet Machine

product usage: Wash nickel screen in silk printing industry, make screens to be reused.

Product Feature:

1. The machine use direct drive pump from Taiwan, high pressure and corrosion resistant nozzle from the USA. It’s pressure is up to 2500BAR, and can easily pierce through the solid emulsion on screen surface. Meanwhile, it has a long service life.

2. Low energy consumption. Reasonable and intelligent electrical design make the power lower          than 23KW, it’s below 20KW when actually used

3. Safety and environmental protection. It don’t need any chemicals or additive when washing    screens but water only.  It is designed with a solid waste recovery system. No harm to the environment.

4. High efficiency. JINCHANG High-Pressure Waterjet Machine can wash 4 screens /hour. Power consumption is below 20 degrees, water consumption is about 350kgs. There’s no any damage to screen, on the contrary, it will recover lightly wrinkled nickel screens

5. The endrings on the macine canbe cleaned easily with other equipment.

6. Easy maintenance and use. Elaborate design and selection of machine pump, nozzle and pipeline make wearing parts are greatly reduced. And it is easy to replace. Thus, daily maintenance of the machine is quite convenient.

Product parameter:




Qty. Of nozzles:6